Most Common Home Emergencies and Their Solutions.

  • Leaking Hot Water System

If your hot water system is broken or leaking, then you must follow the below-mentioned steps to avoid further problems.

  1. Turn off the cold water valve at the inlet to the hot water system.
  2. Cut off the electricity of the hot water system. If you have a gas system, turn off the gas supply.
  3. Call the professionals to examine and repair the issue.


  • Power Outage

Power outages are usually the result of extreme weather conditions. It’s advice-able to keep your supplies ready at hand i.e. power bank to charge your phone, torch, and batteries, etc.

Do check your neighbors to see whether they are experiencing a power outage or not. Check your main switches to see if they have tripped. If the power outage is not caused by the weather, it might because of the problems in wiring or appliances. If any of your safety switches are stuck in the off state, then you will need a professional electrician to determine the problem in the wiring. When you are facing the problem of a power outage, switch off all the electrical appliances and leave just a single light on to know when the power is restored. Keep heavy appliances i.e. fridge, air conditioner, and refrigerator off for as long as possible.

  • Choked Toilet or Sewer

If your toilet is not draining properly, then just stop flushing. Do try using a plunger to remove the blockage. Create a tight seal with the plunger around the toilet’s vent. Shove the plunger with a careful force. If you hear the water flow, remove the plunger and see whether the blockage is removed or not. If it doesn’t, then it can be a great problem!

If your basin, shower, sink, or bath is taking a longer time than usual, then it’s the sign of a blocked sewer. If there isn’t any blockage, then you can look for the issue yourself by using rubber gloves. Don’t use the sewer cleaners or any home remedies to remove blockages as they damage the pipes rather than doing any good. For choked toilets or sewers, it’s best to call on the expert professional to provide you the right service.

  • Leaking Toilet, Tap, or Pipe

Any leakages around the house, whether it’s a tap, pipe, or a toilet leakage – they are needed to be repaired straight away. Leaking problems can turn big if they are not treated on time. When you find a leakage around your house, do call the professional to avoid any further damage. During a leakage, turn off your main water supply to avoid any damage to the flooring, walls, and ceilings.

  • Tripping of Safety Switch

If the appliances get powered off, it might because of the safety switch being tripped. The tripping of safety switches might occur because of the faulty wiring, faulty appliance, or could be an anomaly trip.

Unplug all appliances and test the safety switches. Then plug in each appliance one by one, and test the safety switches every time. If it’s tripping again then the appliance must be faulty. If there is tripping after all appliances being plugged in, then the switch or the wiring will be faulty. If you are facing the issue of tripping in your house, contact K&E Home Solutions and get in touch with an expert electrician to get your issue solved.


  • Broken Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning is not performing properly, making unusual sounds, or is leaking, it might because of multiple reasons. To diagnose the issue, you will need to hire an expert air conditioning technician. Air conditioning technicians are knowledgeable and are capable of diagnosing any issues the air conditioner might be facing.

Regular maintenance of air conditioner helps in the long run and keeps its efficiency and quality at its best. It’s recommended to call the experts at least once a year to get your air conditioner diagnosed for ensuring efficient performance, best air quality and to maximize its lifespan.

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