Common Signs Showing Electrical Wiring Problems.

Electrical wiring is one of the most significant parts of home finishing. To perform all electrical activities i.e. running of appliances, powering of heaters/air conditioners, lighting, television, ironing – everything needs electricity so it’s important for you to properly set up your electrical wiring throughout the house. If you start noticing any issues with the electrical wiring or the sockets, do take care of them immediately to avoid any damage. The best way is contacting a professional electrician to diagnose and repair any problems you may have with your house’s electrical wiring.

If you have come across any of the below-mentioned signs, then it’s confirmed that there is an issue with the electrical wiring and it’s the time to ask for professional help.

  1. Wavering of Lights

If you have started noticing the wavering of lights around your house, this isn’t the ghosts trying to scare you, it’s because of the wiring issue. You face this issue when there is too much load on the circuit i.e. there is high consumption of electricity. Generally, this happens when high-electricity consuming appliances i.e. microwaves, air-conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines, etc. are heated up. This isn’t something that you can fix on your own. For this, you will be needing help from an expert electrician. The electrician will go through wiring around your house and will determine where the extra load is coming from.

In such a scenario, you are recommended to switch your electrical load on different circuits to maintain a balance. Another solution that an electrician might propose is an installation of new wiring for major appliances. This will make you worry-free and you won’t have to take care of putting pressure on the circuit.

  1. Running of Multiple Extensions

Electrical extensions have become very important nowadays. They are used almost everywhere but they can cause trouble if multiple extensions are running at a time. The long wiring of extensions makes them vulnerable to twists and kinks, stopping the flow of current and can cause shortages within the wires. The kinks in wires result in damage to sockets and can cause a fire in the wires. If you have ever experienced a stuck extension board plug in a socket, then you must know what it’s all about.

Due to these reasons, you need to limit the extensions in your house. If it’s very necessary to use multiple extensions, then be sure to limit their usage to a minimum. Plug the extensions only when you are home to monitor them thoroughly. If it’s difficult for you to manage your activities with a few extension boards plugged in, then do install some additional sockets around your house. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of damages around your house.

  1. Sparking of Sockets

You might know the danger of sparking plugs around your house, even if they occur occasionally. Sparking of plugs is one of the most crucial issues around the house that you have to deal with and it can be extremely dangerous. It usually occurs when you plug any appliance and a faulty wiring result in sparking.

Even if there is no sparking around the house, it’s always advice-able to get your electrical components examined by a qualified electrician. The experts can identify all the sparking occurring in the wires. They can also identify the reason why the sparking is happening, whether it’s because you need new wiring or there’s something wrong with the appliance itself. To prevent any costly damage, it’s recommended to address all these electrical issues promptly.

  1. Hot/Burning Sockets

It’s very easy for you to notice the burning/hotness of sockets even if you have very little knowledge about it. Whenever you have to use a socket, do check it by placing a hand on the socket to know whether they’re heated up or not. If you feel any hotness in the socket, then there are chances that a problem could exist. This mostly occurs when you have plugged multiple appliances into one socket, or there is any fault in the wiring.  When there is too much load on the circuit, this could happen so it’s recommended to re-work on the wiring to balance the circuit correctly.

Hot sockets could also result due to an issue with the socket itself. With time, sockets stop working at an optimal rate. For the right operation, the sockets are needed to be replaced eventually.

  1. No Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters Present

If you have an old house, the wiring around it will be old too. So there is a possibility that there won’t be any GFCI outlets in your house. You might think of it as a small issue, but it can be very dangerous for you and your family. The standard outlets present around your house are not well equipped to handle the wet environments and are thus more susceptible to shocks which can be very serious in certain conditions.

On the other hand, GFCI outlets can detect abnormal current flow. When such abnormal currents are detected, the GFCI outlets shut off immediately to avoid any shocks. If there are no such outlets in your house, then it’s advice-able for you install them promptly, particularly in the wet areas. The GFCI outlets are relatively cheap and they are available in multiple sizes, depending on how many appliances you have to use. Make sure to call the expert electrician to ensure these outlets are installed properly.

  1. Constant Buzzing Noises

Just because you don’t see any sparking or heat, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any issue with the wiring. Most of the time when there are issues with the electrical wiring, sockets, or outlets, you start hearing the constant buzzing noises through them. No sound is observed in normal wiring, that’s why it goes unnoticed for years.

If there is a constant buzzing noise in the wiring, there is a possibility of your wiring getting frayed. It is particularly important to fix the damaged wires to avoid any sparks. Whenever you hear buzzing in your wires around the house, contact the electrician immediately. The electricians know everything and can identify any problems in the electrical wiring.


Out of everything around your house, the electrical wiring is the most significant. Without it, you are just unable to do any of your activities i.e. watching television, washing clothes, etc. To ensure the proper working of wiring, look out for the above mentioned electrical warning signs. The soon you will detect the less you have to worry about the damage. Hire an expert electrician today at K&E Home Solutions by calling at  (650)776-0923